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spider on fireplace finch

geometric moths small




yellow trammed moths small-1


I have animals and whimsy on my mind, having spent the weekend getting a baby’s room ready for a baby. I find myself flicking through Selvedge and bypassing beautiful throws, in favour of handmade creatures and mobiles and booties…yegads! From top: the studio of textile artist Mister Finch, his beautiful moth sculptures, Horse Mobile by Hillery Sproatt, hand painted tambourine by Claire Fletcher, Mister Finch’s foxes and moths, Hillery Sproatt’s Woman and Horse mobile. HF.


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Check in / Summer 2013

Ferretti_schoolhouse inspired mural







Beauty in simplicity: Contemporary quilt by Ineke Poort (Netherlands): voor Joost 18 jaar, 1994


When I haven’t been thinking about finishing a PhD and having a baby (most likely to take place in the same month/week), the above have occupied my mind: paintings by Emily Ferretti (top, and fourth from top), Erdem Pre-Fall 2013, the Acne Piers bag, the need for a new Bolivian manta (to upholster our bedhead), a print like this for the nursery and the quilts of Inneke Poort. Apologies for the length of time between drinks/posts. HF.

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Green, copper & competitions

Green: it’s how I roll. And it’s even more on my mind of late, what with the LifeInstyle Green with Envy pinterest challenge. It’s a cute competition concept, as pinterest is essentially one big exercise in envy, yes? t&t’s board is here. Find out more here. And in the meantime, wallow in the fabulousness that is designer Marjorie Skouras’s home (via Apartment Therapy). Need the wallpaper, want the copper, covet the chutzpah behind the sea creature wall. HF.


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Studio Note

And to wrap this beautifully botanical week: the g,a,r,d,e,n 2012 ruler by Norihiko Terayama of Studio Note. Hand-picked herbs and wildflowers are suspended in acrylic, forming measurement notches and a little horizontal garden bed for your desk. Studio Note has previously produced a series of preserved flower artworks, titled Someone’s Atelier for Hotel Claska in Tokyo in 2009, images above. The hotel also has a shop/gallery where they stock the Studio’s work, so I’ll be making a pilgrimage when we head over there later in the year, yippee. HF. PS Thanks EJ/Sanpo for the tip-off!

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Leah Goren

Cats! Badminton! Peach! I  may have a beautiful wolfhound/kelpie child now, but my best pal growing up was a oversized tabby cat so I am partial to the odd feline motif (designer’s cat, Moses, modelling above). Textile designer & illustrator Leah Goren creates the most delightful bits & bobs and her website & blog are worth a look, if only to absorb the watermelon sunniness on this chilly morning. She has an etsy store too, from where I will be purchasing one chiffon cat scarf. HF. PS She graduated from Parsons in 2012 – yes, reader, we are old.


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Quilt, map & Apartment

I spent all yesterday quilting, so it seemed apt to bombard you with antique and contemporary patchwork beauties today. The lower three are by Jessica Ogden, via The Apartment (an uber store based in Denmark, directly above, that sells pretty much anything I could think that I ever wanted), and the rest are from the collection of the Briscoe Center, University of Texas at Austin, coincidentally the location of a trip we’re planning for later this year. Map quilts may well be my newfound obsession. HF.


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La Delicatesse: orange, beige and wood

Untested waters for t&t, but I couldn’t not share some images from the film La Delicatesse, the set and wardrobe of which are worth viewing alone. There’s this wonderfully unforced retro feel to the entire film that never collapses into hipster cliche. The person responsible for the male lead’s beige on beige ensembles is a genius, and Audrey Tautou is adorned in divine yet realistic knits and coats throughout. But the real star is the wood panelled offices in which they work, with a supporting award to the tangerine-highlighted apartment. Favourite film sets/wardrobes, please? HF.


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