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West (now south) Elm & co.







There is now a stellar range of storage baskets and photo frames in Sydney, care of the Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn/West Elm migration. From well designed, inexpensive sofas to the perfect jars for jam season, this is going to shakes things up, retail-wise. For smaller items, the prices are only a smidgeon more than the US. And the range is pretty good, considering we’re one fifteenth the size, population wise. Oh, and the staff were both plentiful and super helpful. My only gripe: the store configurations – if only they’d taken over a deco warehouse down Alexandria way! HF.

Inigo can be seen trying to match his neon pram to the grey Westelm sofa, above – good job pikelet!

All photos from Westelm.


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Draga Obradovic / Elle











Divine, green cactus-laden Lake Como home of Draga Obradovic and Aureal K Basedow, from Elle Decoration February 2013. Photographs by Fabrizio Cicconi. See all images here. Draga Obradovic designs, amongst other things, handmade silkscreen fabrics, shown throughout. HF.

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The Apartment



Yes, we alerted you to the perfectly curated range of goods from The Apartment, Denmark, last month. But I couldn’t not post these images once I’d come across them on Jelanie’s blog. I’ve taken to thinking of such interiors as mantels writ large, as they’re designed with a pared back aesthetic to allow interesting art and textural objects to shine. If I could get rid of a few hundred objects in my home, I might be on my way to a mantel, but for the moment I’m living in more of a shrine… HF.


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Snedker Studio: marbling

Marbled paper original artworks by Snedker Studio. I spied these paper beauties, at top, at Avalon’s Tiny Bird on the weekend (definitely worth a visit, and next to Mark Tuckey and Table Tonic and Frank’s amazing coffee). Designer Pernille Snedker Hansen has perfected the historic craft of marbling and applied it to timber panelling. The paper works are part of the test run process. I love them: they resemble geological specimens or the rings of a tree trunk, drenched in colour. HF.

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Moonrise Kingdom of rugs

I was one lucky individual in the State Theatre last Friday to see the Sydney Film Festival‘s screening of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. As someone who counts Rushmore as a  favourite movie (along with Mon Oncle), I was bound to love it. There is always one element amongst the many in Anderson’s films that rattles around in my head long after viewing. Previously it has been the name Inés (Bottle Rocket), The Faces (Rushmore) and pink walls (The Royal Tenenbaums). This time it was braided rag rugs, a recurrent motif in many of the Moonrise sets. Oh, and maybe the kitten in a fishing basket. I’ve long been a hoarder of braided rugs, and we have a few small ones around the house. However, I’m now thinking of a big colonial one from these guys. Go see the movie, people. HF.

PS – Jessica Hische did that beautiful yellow calligraphy.

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La Delicatesse: orange, beige and wood

Untested waters for t&t, but I couldn’t not share some images from the film La Delicatesse, the set and wardrobe of which are worth viewing alone. There’s this wonderfully unforced retro feel to the entire film that never collapses into hipster cliche. The person responsible for the male lead’s beige on beige ensembles is a genius, and Audrey Tautou is adorned in divine yet realistic knits and coats throughout. But the real star is the wood panelled offices in which they work, with a supporting award to the tangerine-highlighted apartment. Favourite film sets/wardrobes, please? HF.


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After reading This Sydney Life’s post on French tapestry mavens Frederique Morrell yesterday, I recalled a recent present from my Mum: a vintage tapestry pear, bought at ever-lovely Calico & Ivy (image at top). I believe it was made by Dowry, a Moruya-based mother-daughter team who fashion miscellanea, furniture and clothing from discarded tapestries and textiles. Love their upholstery work. HF.


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