IMG_1102 as Smart Object-1




IMG_1117 as Smart Object-1



It’s a marble moment. From top: Gorgeous new marbled wood by Snedker Studio (see t&t’s previous post on the studio here) and Stella  McCartney marble print dress at top, and Ebru Marbled wallpaper, above. HF.




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2 responses to “Marbleous

  1. I just wanted to leave a little message to tell you every time I visit your blog I am so inspired by everything you post. I am so happy I stumbled upon you years ago since it feels like discovering a precious online gem. It is so lovely when someone’s passions align exactly with one’s own. I am usually a silent reader but thought I’d make some noise just this once to tell you how wonderful you are 🙂 Thanks for all the magical textiles, Rushka xx

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