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Sad to say that t&t posts will be fewer and farther between from here on in, as I’m in the final few months of writing my PhD. So while I perfect paragraphs and fiddle with footnotes, it may seem a little quieter here. Then, perhaps, it will be time for a re-think. t&t started as a way of collating the myriad of inspiring fibre and botanical-related wonderments buzzing about the net. The next step may well be contributing to some of those wonderments first hand. But for now, it’s back to my desk. Thank you so much for viewing, reading and absorbing the t&t world. HF.

PS new fiddle leaf leaf, Ficus Lyrata, one of four (!) in the house.




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7 responses to “Leave / liberty

  1. Sorry as I’ve just recently discovered you but totally understand and wish you great success with your phd. Do pop back and say what you get up to once you have decided. Many thanks for all the inspiring stuff!

    • Harriet

      Thank you so much Lynn. I will still be posting now and then, just not everyday.
      I used to love popping into your shop when we lived in Melbourne – you do gorgeous work. Please feel free to send images or a story for a post! hx

  2. Hey (soon to be) Dr Harriet – all the best in the completion of your doctorate.

    I love visiting to discover your finds, so I do hope you won’t be gone forever.


  3. Varina

    So glad you aren’t stopping for good. I love your inspiring, beautiful posts.

  4. Emily

    Yes, do keep on posting Harriet, I love it too! xx Em

  5. Good luck with the rest of your study Harriet… will enjoy whatever posts you manage to squeeze in!
    Ingrid x

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