Green, copper & competitions

Green: it’s how I roll. And it’s even more on my mind of late, what with the LifeInstyle Green with Envy pinterest challenge. It’s a cute competition concept, as pinterest is essentially one big exercise in envy, yes? t&t’s board is here. Find out more here. And in the meantime, wallow in the fabulousness that is designer Marjorie Skouras’s home (via Apartment Therapy). Need the wallpaper, want the copper, covet the chutzpah behind the sea creature wall. HF.



Filed under design, interiors, pretty randomness, sculpture, wallpaper

4 responses to “Green, copper & competitions

  1. Yum, yum, yum! Love all the images but I really want that top bathroom!

  2. red

    ive never thought about adding shells etc to the walls ~ i also have a green bedroom and this has given me some fantastic idea’s :O)

  3. What a treat! So far removed from the anodine and bland interiors foisted on us by much of the media.

  4. Fantastic images of energising spaces… I particularly like the chicken wire and copper in the kitchen… it’s not always easy to strike the right note between organised and inviting! It’s such a pleasure to *meet* your blog – there’s a lot of inspiration to comb through here!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

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