Colle, Chauvin, Raf & Dior

Raf Simons’s first show for Dior, with flower installations by Eric Chauvin*. All those blooms are real – it took over 1 million stems of 50 different varieties and 3 days works to create the floral spaces. I spy poppies, anemones, roses, chryssies, phalaenopsis orchids, delphinium and begonia, from first glance. Divine. HF.

Image sources, from top: c/- Dior, @TotesMichael, @GolovanoffAlex, @TimesFashion, @TotesMichael,  and here.

*I had read a post attributing the flowers to Thierry Boutemy and then Mark Colle – there seemed to be a variety of attributions flying around the net – yet more reliable reports have confirmed it as the hand of Parisian Eric Chauvin, under the direction of Colle. Apologies for the error, and thanks for the heads up, everyone! HF



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4 responses to “Colle, Chauvin, Raf & Dior

  1. Fabulous flowers by the wonderful Thierry Boutemy.

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