Leah Goren

Cats! Badminton! Peach! I  may have a beautiful wolfhound/kelpie child now, but my best pal growing up was a oversized tabby cat so I am partial to the odd feline motif (designer’s cat, Moses, modelling above). Textile designer & illustrator Leah Goren creates the most delightful bits & bobs and her website & blog are worth a look, if only to absorb the watermelon sunniness on this chilly morning. She has an etsy store too, from where I will be purchasing one chiffon cat scarf. HF. PS She graduated from Parsons in 2012 – yes, reader, we are old.



Filed under design, fashion, pretty randomness, shopping, textiles

5 responses to “Leah Goren

  1. No, no – I like the 1st scarf. I AM OLD… (sniff) Thanks for the reminder, Harriet!!

  2. Wow – talented lady. So glad you shared her work.

  3. Liz

    She also has a small collection at Anthropologie right now. http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/category/clothes-mik-17.jsp?cm_re=Jun_12-_-060112madeinkind-_-Leah_Renna_Goren
    Makes me feel like a slacker!

  4. I love the piece with the cat drawings!

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