Best in quilt show

Morsel/details from last week’s Quilt Show. I managed to jot down details for some but I was in a rush, so apologies if they are unattributed, and feel free to comment to rectify! Only sadness was the absence of any Hawaiian quilts this year. From top: ‘Clam Shells’, ‘Blue Splendore’ by Kaye Brown, African Godseye’, unknown, Southern Stars by Karen Malone, Roseville Album by Marylin Bell, quilt by Marjory Yip. HF.



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5 responses to “Best in quilt show

  1. Cheers! I missed the show this year. So happy you posted these images.

  2. Oh I can’t believe I missed you again this year Harriet… my mother in law had a quilt showing right near the front window, it was quite the proud moment seeing her with it.

    LOVED that white one you’ve shown here too, something so subtle about one colour totally quilted.

    Next year we should totally line up a quilt show date… and bring the average age down a few notches ha!

    Hope you’re well.

  3. Harriet

    Oh no! Yes, a young’uns date would have made it way more fun! The stall side of things was even more beige than normal this year (though I did still manage to buy a Turkish scarf & some handprinted fabric). Would love to know which quilt was your mother-in-law’s? They’re always so amazing.
    Hope you’re well too! x

  4. They are all amazing! I can’t decide which I like best.

  5. I am not normally a great fan of repeat patterns but the “stars” quilt is really powerful.

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