Moonrise Kingdom of rugs

I was one lucky individual in the State Theatre last Friday to see the Sydney Film Festival‘s screening of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. As someone who counts Rushmore as a  favourite movie (along with Mon Oncle), I was bound to love it. There is always one element amongst the many in Anderson’s films that rattles around in my head long after viewing. Previously it has been the name Inés (Bottle Rocket), The Faces (Rushmore) and pink walls (The Royal Tenenbaums). This time it was braided rag rugs, a recurrent motif in many of the Moonrise sets. Oh, and maybe the kitten in a fishing basket. I’ve long been a hoarder of braided rugs, and we have a few small ones around the house. However, I’m now thinking of a big colonial one from these guys. Go see the movie, people. HF.

PS – Jessica Hische did that beautiful yellow calligraphy.


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