Villa Vals

At first glance, I thought the shot, at top, was a digital manipulation. But no, it is the work of Architects CMA and SeARCH in Vals, Switzerland. The cardboard bedroom was designed by Studio JVM, whilst the rest of the interior design fell to Bjarne Mastenbroek. I equally adore the circular cave concept and the way they’ve treated the subterranean space with warmer woods and cardboard, and slivers of bright textiles. And then there’s the outdoor blue tub. Found via ArchDaily. HF.



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5 responses to “Villa Vals

  1. stunning! the first picture looks surreal, like its cut and pasted into the landscape

  2. Robbie Lamons

    The use of cardboard as ceiling vaults, and shelving is inspired and inspiring.

  3. very beautiful, how energy efficient is this?, would love to see one on a single floor, made for the handicap…thanks for sharing…;o]

  4. bob sand

    Wish I knew how Hillsode Drainage & normal Sloughing of the hillside was handled.

  5. adriana dias da silva

    excelente projeto de engenharia e design, parabéns pela preocupação pela vista….sem palavras…..adriana dias da silva

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