Farrow & Ball: old & new green

Traditional paint and paper house Farrow & Ball‘s presentation of new colours. Coordinated painted pipes? Pistachio & sage hues next to one another? I love that these images both reflect and update the company’s 1940s origins. My favourites F&B colours are Breakfast Room Green, Blue Ground and Pavilion Blue (third, second and first from bottom, respectively). HF.



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3 responses to “Farrow & Ball: old & new green

  1. i love the second photo and the last …these colours calm me and make me wish for simpler times

  2. Is it just me or do we need more colour on walls in Australia? Sure, white is a classic but strong, confident colour can’t be beat! Love these images for inspiration.

    • Harriet

      I hear ya. You rarely walk into a white room and think ‘aaah’. the right colour in a room (selected with daylight, electric light, furnishings & personal whim in mind) gives you so much joy every time you step into it.

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