Small fry

A little bit in love with Petite Friture  (Small Fry), a French design studio producing such things as watercolour mirrors and ikebana vases. I have to add their (admittedly translated) but very cute and infectious manifesto from their website:

Now we’re in the adventure, what could we add?
That we are totally electrified, sizzled, if ever that means anything. To meet emerging talents, to explore with them new techniques and savoir faire. And, but isn’t it obvious, to produce beautiful objects.
In short, we show our crazes. These objects that place the cursor at the exact point that makes us shudder. Do you get the idea?

HF. All images via Petite Friture.



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3 responses to “Small fry

  1. Hey Harriet!! We have actually just got a blog up and running, come see us! We are going to introduce the collection from the start, as well as introducing new products! Im now in charge of the blog (and Scottish) so unfortunately the translation may not be as funny as before!

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