fenton & fenton pining



I miss quite a few things about Melbourne: friends being the number 1, closely followed by a handful of the loveliest shops. Fenton & Fenton is one of those. I content myself with their website, which has to be one of the cutest ever. It’s designed by Laura Baxter, who is also responsible for the Lee Mathews, Society Inc, Aleksandra..! What a roll call. Fenton & Fenton’s retail space and specialty quilts, above. HF.



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2 responses to “fenton & fenton pining

  1. Fenton and Fenton, Loom plus Safari (which you’d also love and any purchases would match your wedding towels nicely…) our our locals! we live two streets away, between high and dandenong rd.

    when we first moved in and were drastically renovating + styling, t used to caution me daily “not to spend money at the shops” knowing the colourful and plus interior temptations at our door!

    saving up our pennies for a Fenton and Fenton splurge once we’ve recreated the back section (kitchen, bathroom, living, dining,,,jeepers!) x

  2. NinaandHarriet

    Yes, I love Safari! I used to miss Market Imports too, but it’s in Double Bay now – phew. And apparently we’re getting Husk soon.
    Can’t wait to visit and see the transformation (and you three) one day soon x

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