Mini planets

So I’ve spent the last few days sitting in a class room, learning all about environmental management systems. Which got me to thinking about our little planet, and how we are all part of one big system. In a moment/ hour of day dreaming, I went on a trip down the blog hole……a magical mystery tour- you never know where you will end up- or quite how you got there! But you can imagine my joy when I came across these by British photographer David Jackson:

Amazing no? As someone who sent hours stitching photos together at uni- these images blow my mind! They have been stitched together using a digital technique called Stereographic projection- which I learnt about here and here. They are made up of hundreds of 2D images stitched together to give the impression of 3D depth- so it’s a trick of the left and right side of the brain- Magic!

God bless the blog hole for little gems like these.



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