Quilt fair, part 3

Mad Birds and Hexagons by Kate Knight. How adorable is the coat of arms? The first quilt I made was hexagonal so I have a soft spot for them – although my current obsession is pin wheels.HF.



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2 responses to “Quilt fair, part 3

  1. Hi, Kate Knight here. Glad you enjoyed the show at Darling Harbour and I’m pleased you liked my quilt. It was my first foray into using hexagons over paper and I am now totally hooked. Had not done too much appliqué prior to this quilt either, being a die-hard hand piecer, but now it’s my favourite. How fickle are we quilters? Cheers!

    • NinaandHarriet

      Hi Kate – thanks so much for commenting. I think my next quilt will have applique – have never tried it and I admired quite a few, including yours, at the show. Great to see you have a blog – I’ll add it to our blogroll!

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