Baskets, bows, bins

I rarely post about baskets because they remind me of my PhD and the whole point of t&t is that it’s a breather from historical fibre objects! But. When Miss Liz sent me a link to Bow Bins (lower three images), I had to share. These beauties are produced by German designer Cordula Kehrer. Each one is woven by local basket makers, using old plastic bins threaded with rattan,wicker and reed. They are all unique. They reminded me that I’ve seen a few images of  chic baskets of late – they’re obviously having a repurposed moment in the sun. Top one is from vt wonen, image below that is Martha Stewart’s dip dyed basket project. After looking at all these, I think perhaps I will succumb and post about woven objects more often…HF.



Filed under design, interiors, textiles

3 responses to “Baskets, bows, bins

  1. These are fantastic – I love the traditional entwined with the modern.

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