Erdem: resort 2012

Oh, Erdem. Even your resort collection makes me melt. Looks like his love affair with nasturtiums has been replaced by…poppies & daisies? One of each for me, please. HF.


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5 responses to “Erdem: resort 2012

  1. How could I have not known about that gorgeousness that is your blog?
    Love your work 🙂 We must coffee if you are in Melbourne and have time for us 🙂 I am now utterly and truly subscribed!

    • NinaandHarriet

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! We are Sydney based but will definitely look you up if I I come down to Melbourne soon. And great to be able to follow your blog too!

      • Yay! I just did a post on a cafe in our area 😉 We come to Sydney occasionally to meet clients – so I might give you a buzz before our next trip? I’m sure we’ll have lots to share 🙂

  2. liz roger

    Did someone say WEDDING SHOES!!!!!!!!! I love all

    • NinaandHarriet

      At first I thought your comment was for the Liberty Nike post and I thought…hmmm…Liz is so progressive…! YES to you wearing these.

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