Invasive Crochet

So, you know how I love the old Nanna hand craft? Well, I found another one!

I love this one in particular, because it’s such a stark contrast from the anti-personnel fencing, to the crochet squares strung between them! I also love that it’s been used like graffiti to bite its thumb in the general direction of the vicious looking wall/


I love that the artist has strung out these crocheted squares- which represent nannas and all things soft and cosy- across this grey and mean looking fence- it’s the perfect sort of ‘fingers up’!

The artist’s name is Crystal Gregory, who can be found here.

From the website:

Invasive Crochet challenges gender roles by placing handwork on hardened city surfaces around New York. Crocheting lace doilies onto the razor wire of an abandoned lot for the 14th Street public art show Art in Odd Places, smothering the urban landscape in a soft, decorative, and familiar juxtaposition.

I think Art in Odd Places is some thing I shall have to look up! God bless the bloghole.




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2 responses to “Invasive Crochet

  1. I really really love this! Would it be ok if I re-blogged some of it–I think it is perfect for my readers…I cover textiles, land art, poetry…

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