Stray Dog Designs: mutts & Mexico

In the week of my beloved family dog’s demise (the irrepressible Poppy, who was also once a stray), it is fitting to showcase the lovely, clever, feel-good work of Stray Dog Designs. Inspired by their first dog Princesa, whom they adopted from the streets of San Guadalupe, Mexico, Bill Pritchard and Jane Gray began creating objects for the home from tin, painted in bright, brillant hues. They now have their designs made in Mexico and Haiti, by local artisans. A portion of profits go to three charities based in those regions (find out more here). And they use recycled materials. As they say, it’s stray dogma…HF.


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2 responses to “Stray Dog Designs: mutts & Mexico

  1. LOVE!! Sorry to hear about your Poppy…. if she were a blogging dog, I’m sure she’d be touched by your tribute 🙂

  2. NinaandHarriet

    I know – gorgeous, right? They do ship to Aus, but it seems a bit environmentally indulgent so I might have to wait until my next US trip and squirrel that stag head away in my suitcase…

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