Daniella Germain – My Abuela’s Table

I haven’t been so excited since I received a postcard from David Sedaris (yes, that happened – I’ll leave that tale for another time). This exquisite book has been produced by Melbourne illustrator Daniella Germain and will be published later this year by Hardie Grant Books.

My Abuela’s Table is a series of family Mexican recipes with accompanying illustrations (look at that piggy!!)

I am always on the lookout for great Mexican recipes (often lacking here in Aus) and for them to come in such a pretty form, well, let’s just say that I’ll be ordering this not only for me, but for anyone and everyone come Christmas.

Daniella’s super cute blog i bought a pair of camper boots and now i am broke started out as a way of tracking her daily purchases by  illustrating every single one of them! And I have trouble keeping receipts…

If I had money to invest in a Bright Young Thing, I’d be directing it this way! HF.



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2 responses to “Daniella Germain – My Abuela’s Table

  1. your blog is delish! love that cook book!!!

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