Humanoids save the world!

Given the petrifying events of 2011- perhaps what we need is some super human strength! What about the Icelandic concept of high-voltage transmission pylon people?

Who says infrastructure has to be ugly and dull??


Transmission people by  Choi + Shine Architects

Images from here


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One response to “Humanoids save the world!

  1. The american architects Choi + Shine have inspired by the artworks of the artist Elena Paroucheva, and still have plagiarize her ideas. She works in the field of the visual impact of overhead networks: power lines, wind energy sculptures, mobil phone antennas … for over 10 years.

    Elena’s pylons – sculptures are beautiful ladies, birds, flowers, cathedrals … according to the landscape of the country. See:

    Elena Paroucheva inaugurated in 2004 a unique artwork: “Source” – four pylons of a high voltage power line are dressed in colorful dresses, through a tourist and thermal sity visited by 5 million tourists a year. On September every year during the European Heritage Days , the artist is present for a guided tour. Visit to Amnéville les Thermes, France and see the website .

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