Pencils aint pencils

“Colours Bring joy and happiness in our everyday life. I chose a place of my work because of the sunsets. You can sit and meditate near my work and look at the sunsets. Without sun there are no colours and life!” Artist Jonna Pohjalainen

I found this artist, when falling down the ‘blog hole’, started with an image on Cool Hunter, and ended on a web site that I don’t understand- because it isn’t in English!

Nonetheless – the artist’s works are really beautiful! I loved this pencil one – because I started back at uni this week, and remembered that feeling of the start of school with new pencils and pens and that smell of the new school bag.

I’m actually sad that the artisit stood the pencils up- I liked them as a little bunch of pencils on the ground- as if – for ever-ready to be picked up and used for a quick sketch by a passing giant.

images from here



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