Strawberries anyone?

In another failed attempt to get to the MCA on Sunday, we ended up at the Greenhouse in the Rocks. It’s a self-sustaining pop-up cafe, newly delivered to The Rocks on Sydney Harbour. I say delivered – because it’s been built in three weeks!  The exterior walls are clad with little strawberry pots- which look fantastical and I bet will taste amazing in a week or two!

This is the bar/ keg/ wine making zone.

The view out the window is over to The Opera House- and potentially a P&O moving suburb.

Table decorations- perfect!

The solid parts are made out of shipping containers, fashioned into rooms with doors. Speaking of doors- the doors are made out of tables! The chairs are made out of pipe and raw leather, the floor is made out of herringbone rubber tiles and the beer is made on site! The glasses are jars, and serving platters are wine bottles cut in half, and the menu is painted on the wall.

All in all- the whole idea got me excited. Every thing has been built with recycled or recyclable materials – and they compost all food scraps on site- on the roof!  An amazing project – and well worth missing the MCA.


PS: The Greenhouse is the brainchild of Joost, who we posted about last year (on his Urban Crop project). There’s a permanent Greenhouse in Perth, and the pop up version will be re-imagined in other cities in the future, like a nomadic beacon of cleverness! HF.


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