Coral peonies & Queen Anne’s lace

Flowers by The Nouveau Romantics. Found via the ever-pretty Oh Joy!

How amazing are those hydrangeas? And the coral peony with Queen Anne’s Lace? Wowsers.

The Nouveau Romantics is Liz, a very clever flower wrangler living in Austin, Texas. And also a fellow historian! Perhaps there are a whole flock of frustrated historian-florists out there…HF.



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2 responses to “Coral peonies & Queen Anne’s lace

  1. liz

    my, what a wonderful discovery! thank you, thank you.

    I wonder about us frustrated historian-florists. Is there any kind of correlation? You post also reminds me that I should update my imagery … merci beaucoup!

    • NinaandHarriet

      Ah, glad you found us! My theory re: historian/florists is that we crave something colourful and tactile after hours of cerebral & often laborious reading, sifting and scrolling through words…
      Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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