Christmas correspondence

Christmas cards should reflect what you love, so if you’re like many Souther Hemispherians and don’t feel much for Frosty or Blitzer, choose something more reflective of your seasonal celebrations (for me it usually comes down to food & flowers).

The best card I’ve seen this year is the Postcarden, from those masters of delight at Third Drawer Down (image above):

A new and lovely Christmas card that grows. Just add the packet of seed, and a spoonful of water, and you’ll have cress growing in about a week. The most useful Christmas card, which can sit on the kitchen window and add to salad.

Another find was this one from Paper Plates Press. Love it:

The most beautiful cards I’ve seen in a long time come from artist Shawn Laughlin, of Caskata. They’re perfect for Christmas and any other occasion.

And some cute ones from Pie Bird Press:

Finally, some simple, streamlined options from the In Haus Press:

Happy envelope-licking. HF.


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