Real wreaths

Plastic leaves and branches make me a little sad. So this year try making a Christmas wreath out of paper or fabric scrap, and then make a real, live one for the week leading up to Christmas.

For cute paper wreaths, see here.

And for some help constructing a fresh floral wreath, see here. Viburnum greenery is great to use as a base, as well as jasmine, trumpet vine, boganvillea and passionfruit. Or avoid the vines and insert heads of hydrangea -easy. The flowers will stay alive in oasis for a about four days, or if you prefer to use a wicker frame you could use a greenery that will dry well (magnolia leaves, for example), and just insert a few fresh gardenias every couple of days. Imagine the smell as you walk into the house…HF.

PS: Nina, you should be doing this post. Nina is the doyenne of wreath-making.


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