Marigolds and chrysanthemums

Tomorrow is El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and we celebrated over the weekend with a combined house-warming/Halloween/Day of the Dead Mexican dinner party, replete with an ofrenda (shrine), flowers and paper flags and a traditional chicken mole. Anyone who knows me well would know that I don’t need an excuse to celebrate anything Mexican: our house resembles one huge ofrenda anyway. I love this holiday as it gives everyone a chance to get together and remember and celebrate those who aren’t with us anymore, in the context of eating, drinking and listening to the Kill Bill II soundtrack…

The traditional flowers for the Day of the Dead are marigolds and chrysanthemums and the combination of the two is joyful. My favourite chryssies are the reflex ones (dense petals, you can’t see the disk florets in the middle) but all the varieties are great: long-lasting, hardy and colourful.

And for textile decorations, you can’t go past Alexander Henry’s folklorico range of sugar skulls, pinata, pin-up girl and Frida Kahlo fabric designs:

PS: Check out The British Museum’s Day of the Dead celebrations here.


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