Paint & Paper no. 1

I spent a delicious half hour at Porter’s Paints yesterday, getting some help with the re-painting of our sleigh bed – the stained oregon timber of which has turned more and more orange and doesn’t really sit well with the rest of the room. I chose a wood wash in ‘hearth’ – a cool, mid-grey with a bit of jacaranda thrown in. I shall post pics when it’s done and my hands have recovered from the sanding.

But by golly those guys have done well. I remember when they first started and Mum came home with the Tuscan yellow rag wash, which ended up all over our house. Now they have a gazillion different specialty finishes, timbers and wallpapers.

My three favourite wallpapers from Porter’s: Beetle, Banksia and Circus (this one by Catherine Martin, clever girl).

I have a small wall going up the staircase that will be adorned with either the beetle or banksia. Which one, do you think? HF.


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