O sweet queen-city of the golden south

My last day in Melbourne. In the courtyard, sitting on a milk crate and waiting for the steam cleaners, I find myself with a moment to reflect on the things I’ll miss (apart from our friends, sob):

-the Readings sale table: never will I find gorgeous hard back cook books for $20 again

Golden Days Radio: the perfect antidote to Victoria St traffic.

Seven Seeds: coffee that tastes like dark caramel and girls with great tattoos.

Sonido, The Estelle, Cutler & Co., The Old Raffles Place, D.O.C for food.

Husk, Market Imports, Amor y Locura for things.

-And, of course, the lovely florists Mr Lincoln (images above), Flowers Vasette and the lady who sells cheap, happy daisies and the like at the entrance to Lygon Court.

-the ridiculous wattle bird who screeches at us in the mornings.

-the ability to ride my bike safely and non-sweatily.



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  1. Hi Nina.I likes your thoughts and of actions.We are supposed to be similar colleague.I am an agriculturel engineer.Very nice to know you.We can exchange ideas with you.I love all the people interested in nature.Nice to meet you.Good luck!

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