Global textiles day three: Uzbekistan

Suzanis are hand embroidered textiles, produced in central Asia (from northern China to Iran). The most famous examples are from Uzbekistan.

Uzbek women traditionally embroider hangings, bed covers, table cloths, garments and prayer mats: all of which can be suzanis. Since the fall of the Soviet era, and exposure to the west, suzanis have gradually become more contemporary and varied in their design. Production is based out of the towns of Nurata, Samarkand, Bukhara and Shahrisabz. A suzani is made by taking strips of hand-woven silk or cotton fabric, dying them in a tea wash, and then embroidering with silk thread.

Once again, Ruby Star Traders has fantastic suzani-upholstered furniture and cushions on offer, but the ultimate destination for them would be Bokja, a Lebanese design company that specialises in suzani-rama (including Eames chairs! I bet Eames would die but I love it!) I would furnish my entire house in this stuff if I could. You MUST visit their website – incredible. HF.

Check out the suzani-covered beetle the Bokja crew did for Milan design week this year.


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