Global textiles day two: India

To continue the global textile theme and look to India and Pakistan and one of my favourite textile merchants: Sally Campbell. All her products are hand-dyed, hand-stiched, hand-woven or hand block-printed. As Sally Campbell states on her website, ‘I work with women who create exquisite applique work in the desert near Pakistan, natural dye block printers in Rajasthan, village weavers in Bengal and Hyderabad, and women who do intricate hand embroidery in Lucknow. Like other Western designers working in India, I am hoping to keep these ancient crafts alive as we compete with the manic rush to modernisation. My textiles are carbon neutral and eco friendly. A percentage of the sale price goes back to the rural communities which make them.’

I love her range of clothing too – gorgeous shirt dresses! HF.

PS – Nina gave me Sally Campbell cushion covers for my birthday – wooo!

PPS – tent sourced by Sally Campbell for a 50th birthday party below: glorious.


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