This reminded me of this…

Perusing my fav blog YelloTrace, reminded me of an inspirational artist I first found at the Boston ICA. Her name is Tara Donovan- and she makes the most amazing installations with crap like cups, and straws, and pins!

ArtSplash- but really it's cups- upside down cups!

 It was my first day in Boston, and I visited the ICA with an old family friend- and was completely wowed by this exhibition. Love love love.

No really- It's CUPS! Cups that look like beautiful bubbles!

The ICA says; ‘For over a decade, American sculptor Tara Donovan has transformed huge volumes of everyday items into stunning works of phenomenal impact. Layered, piled, or clustered with an almost viral repetition, these products assume forms that both evoke natural systems and seem to defy the laws of nature.’

Plates. PLATES!

She’s amazing- if you ever get to see her- you will walk around with that Willy Wonker Chocolate Factory look about you.

Now go forth and play with your food.



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