If you go down to the woods today..

Ever since I went to New York, I have a new found love of street art. I think it all started with the cheek of  Banksy for me, and it’s grown from there. There is some thing magical about these temporary art works- the way you can be strolling along on your merry way, and some thing like the Bull (above) will completely shift your thinking!

I  love the way it can be so sophisticated- and charge you with a completely different experience! Imagine walking in front of the Galloping horses team- don’t tell me you wouldn’t feel nervous and a little intimidated!

And then it can be whimsical! General Howe’s series of little toy soldiers in battle position- fighting for territory in the back alleyways of Brooklyn. More interestingly, thery are historically correctly positioned to reference real battles- so learning whilst admiring!

General Howe on his toy soldier deployment:

“I make war in Brooklyn. Did you know the Revolutionary War was fought in Brooklyn? Did you know we’re at war in Afghanistan and Iraq? It’s easy to forget we’re battling in foreign lands against invisible adversaries. I bet you know more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is why I make war in Brooklyn.”

All that in a little toy battle- loving it. Wish I was closer to Brooklyn to go soldier hunting…


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