Terrarium love

Terrariums are really H’s territory, but I came across an article in the NY Times this morning, talking about eccentric birds spending their weekends Terrariuming (?). So I spent a few minutes googlising Terrariums, and found this little subculture of mini garden people – a little like Hobbits from the Shire – but in glass balls, with mini fairy gardens. Imagine what you could really do with these little contraptions! No room for a garden in your apartment?? No Worries!! Then stick one in a teeny tiny glass bowl – and make some thing magical! Was also thinking, you could really find some cool and kooky bowls to put them in- to stretch the imagination a little. Any hoo- go forth and Terrarium! NJ

Yes, it’s true, terrariums are terrorising our house of late, mainly care of my husband and his moss obsessions. But there is a good reason for all the hype and novelty (although there’s a lot of that too): they are relatively easy to make, don’t need lots of light, look majestic and clean the air in your house! The hardest thing is to find the right vessel – look in op shops, kitchenware shops and markets for good sized, broad-bottomed vases, jars, bottles or beakers. They don’t need lids, nor holes in the bottom. Then amass a nice assortment of appropriate plants. Anything that likes being in a rainforest: African violets, ferns, mosses etc. There are usually a good array of mini ferns at Bunnings, and mosses can be pilfered from anywhere. My favourites are Cyrtomi and Mexican Tassel, and the good old Maidenhair varieties. A contrast of soft and structured leaves will look best. Next, buy some sphagnum moss, charcoal, river pebbles and potting mix from a large nursery. Then read this for more detailed instructions (it’s basically a layering of the above, then planting). Our first attempt is shown below, along with some other succulents-and-mosses-in-waiting, ready for the next major terrarium!  HF


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