Concrete Jungle

Memory Lane- Kate Shaw

Spencer Lane, BrisyMemory Lane- Kate Shaw

Curated by UAP

I tripped upon this, looking for some thing else entirely. Urban Art Projects are a really tzjooshy company in Brisvagus, who, as I understand it- facilitate community art projects. I’ve been following them for a while- because they really stand out as being really good at what they do!

I love this project, because, as you know- I’ve got a thing about the landscape being squeezed out of our urban environments. In the same breath, this project makes a statement about the lack of trees, but is also beautiful and provides a little relief.

 Spencer Lane is one of the first laneways selected for reactivation through the Brisbane City Council’s Inhabit/Small Spaces program, designed to transform overlooked and forgotten spaces in the CBD through creative artworks and installations.

Urban Art Projects mentored emerging Melbourne artist Kate Shaw to translate her painting practice into a large scale outdoor wall artwork for Spencer Lane, which is also earmarked for private development with a Laneway Bar.

Based on the artist’s childhood memories from growing up in Brisbane, the 2-dimensional artwork features forms from the surrounding landscape, including the Moreton Bay fig and the Glasshouse Mountains.

Realised partly in mirror vinyl, the artwork makes a contemporary reference to the metalworkers of the laneway’s past. By night the artwork creates an intriguing invitation to the laneway and Laneway Bar.


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