Vegetal Walls


Jean Nouvel’s Musée du quai BranlyMusée du quai Branly

I once had the chance to work with a hero of mine- Patrick Blanc. He’s by far the greenest man I’ve ever met. His hair is green, his fingernails are green, his shoes are green, and his very French cigarettes- are yep- their green! He also happens to be the MAC Daddy of green walls. He practically invented them- right after nature did. This man can grow plants up walls any where, any time!

His enthusiasm for his work is infectious though. I spent several days with him, trotting round Sydney to discover new and unusual plants for his walls in the Qantas lounges (read- I spent several days picking his brain, and sponging every bit of insider hints that I could squeeze out of him!).

Qantas Spa Sydney First Class Lounge

His projects are inspirational and full of JOY. In our cities where it is getting harder and harder to inject greenery into the concrete, Patrick’s walls add some whimsical and refreshing relief. You often see people standing to square them up, and determine if they are real or not- as if they’ve seen a city mirage! I think his walls provide a little bit of heaven, in the heart of our cities. Bless him.



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