Breakfast , brunch, lunch extravaganza!

The Sopra Menu

For starters- I don’t do restaurant reviews- but I had such a heavenly experience on Saturday- I want to tell it to the mountains!

With wintery weather settling in, we found our selves wanting in the way of warm and cosy brunch spots. The regular beach/ harbour side spots don’t really cut it when it’s grey and drizzly out side! The water just looks cranky and grey, so not such a pretty addition to the first latté of the day. Soo.. we rugged up and drove out to Waterloo for a feast that tantalised the breakfast fiend in me! Café Sopra is Andy Bunn’s masterpiece, sitting above Fratelli Fresh in a warehouse on Danks St. The menu is rustic Italian, the staff are efficient and friendly, and the atmosphere is buzzing with the delight of the delicious morsels coming out of Bunn’s kitchen.

The Buzz

We started with toasted Panatone and coffee, and moved quickly to a plate of shaved brussels sprouts, cavalo nero, poached egg and pancetta, and a side plate of paper thin prosciutto and figs. We started with breakfast, and then got so excited with the menu, we figured we’d have more, and call it lunch! Humada humada- this was a culinary joy filled feast!

We happily finished our brunch that matured into lunch, and then moseyed down through the bottles and cans of Italia, smells of fresh bread and flowers- and back to the car- which was parked right underneath the café- so no getting wet in the rain!

All in all, a heavenly start to a rainy Saturday- and highly recommend it! They don’t take bookings- so be prepared to stand in a fast moving line- and while you do- you can look around all the pretty tins and bottles- it’s a win win!

1/7 Danks St, Waterloo 2017

Open Sun-Fri am-3pm,  Sat 8am-3pm; NOT OPEN SUNDAY!!!! Licensed, BYO bottled wine only, Corkage $5 bottle; AE MC V EFT; No bookings


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